How Many Awards Does A Book Have To Win Before It Gets A Book Deal?

Congrats to Ian R. MacLeod and Cory Doctorow for sharing this year's Campbell Award, for Song Of Time and Little Brother respectively. But is it really true that U.S. publishers have been balking at publishing MacLeod's book? » 7/13/09 1:30pm 7/13/09 1:30pm

Virtual Resurrection: The Dead Who Went To Cyber-Heaven

Is there life after death? Maybe, if you're wired. After all, death is just a failure of storage media. Science fiction is full of people who've died in meatspace, only to live on in cyberspace. Here's our inventory of cyber-Heaven. » 6/07/09 3:00pm 6/07/09 3:00pm

The Science Fiction That Captured The Imaginations Of Charles Stross…

BSC Review has a great roundtable discussion about science fiction that influenced people's childhoods, including contributions from authors Charles Stross, Ken Scholes and Ian R. MacLeod. (Stross' influences are pretty much what you'd expect, including Arthur C. Clarke — although he was apparently a fiend for E.E.… » 5/28/09 5:00pm 5/28/09 5:00pm

Clarke Award Honors Story Of Life And Death In The 21st Century

Ian R. MacLeod's journey through 21st. century history, Song of Time, has won the 2009 Arthur C. Clarke Award. And the nominations for the 2009 Locus Awards have been announced. » 4/30/09 12:00pm 4/30/09 12:00pm