Author Ian Tregillis On Why Fictional Worlds Need Fictional Technologies

The fictional worlds we love wouldn’t be the places they are without the fictional technologies that populate them. Here, author Ian Tregillis explains just why it’s so important for fiction to catalogue those technological deviations, and why fiction and technology are so inextricably linked. » 5/15/15 2:40pm 5/15/15 2:40pm

The Mechanical Is One Of The Coolest Books About Free Will Ever Written

On its surface, The Mechanical by Ian Tregillis is a fun alt-history about a world where the Dutch conquered everyone with the help of alchemy and clockwork robots. But a lot of the most mind-blowing stuff in this book is actually about the nature, and theology, of free will. Spoilers ahead... » 4/24/15 2:40pm 4/24/15 2:40pm

Watch out: This book is addictively brilliant!

Ian Tregillis' Something More Than Night is one of those books that manages to be both clever and exciting — you want to pause to admire all the brilliant ideas he's tossing around, but you have to keep turning pages to see how it'll turn out. This tale of angels is so brilliant, you might even forgive its nonsensical… » 12/23/13 4:59pm 12/23/13 4:59pm

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