Would you eat a Men in Black-themed ice cream Lunar Cheesecake?

Every year, there's at least one summer movie that has a bizarre fast-food tie in — usually a weirdly themed Slurpee-style frozen drink. This year, my vote goes to Baskin Robbins, which just rolled out an assortment of Men in Black III-themed frozen treats, including the above "lunar cheesecake." Something about the… »5/04/12 6:20pm5/04/12 6:20pm

Why your body's survival strategies cause ice cream headaches

Some people have never gotten an ice cream headache. They tend to be entirely surrounded by people who have, and who are willing to offer theories as to why they aren't forced to undergo the agony of others. Maybe they eat too slowly, or maybe they eat too little. Or maybe, just maybe, if they were put out in the… »2/21/11 9:30am2/21/11 9:30am