Uncanny X-Men Ends With a Bang—and Finally Deals With Iceman's Sexuality

When All-New X-Men #40 released, a major topic of discussion was the fact that a younger, time-displaced Bobby Drake, a.k.a. Iceman, came out as gay. But ever since, fans have wondered if this meant the present-day Bobby was simply in the closet, or maybe not gay at all. Seven months later, we finally have the answer. »11/04/15 11:40am11/04/15 11:40am


This 5,300-year-old Iceman has close relatives living in the Mediterranean

Everyone, meet Ötzi the Iceman. Well, this is a reconstruction of Ötzi the Iceman — you'll find photos of his mummified corpse after the jump. And while Ötzi's remains might look rather run down to you and me, the truth is that any one of us would be lucky to look as good as he does after 5,300 years. That's how long… »2/28/12 2:37pm2/28/12 2:37pm