10 Best Gonzo Science Fiction Movies in the Whole Crazy Universe

The coolest science fiction movies are often ones which unscrew your head and then screw it back on, slightly askew. But a select few movies go even further, pouring some rainbow soup into your head while it's still semi-detached. This weekend sees the release of John Dies at the End, which is part of a proud… »1/23/13 1:00pm1/23/13 1:00pm


What the Princess Says When She Buys Her Gelded Pirate Slave

Ice Pirates »8/25/08 8:30pm8/25/08 8:30pm is one of those movies that keeps on giving in all the ways you want from an early-1980s B movie about, well, a ship of sword-wielding pirates. The "ice" part is because they steal frozen water in a universe of thirsty, resource-depleted planets. I cannot do justice in words to the mind-blanking whatever…