Northern Light Sky Meets Sea In This Stunning Photo

Taken on March 1, this shows the always-gorgeous aurora casting its spell over the crashing waves of the Reykjanes Peninsula Sea Stacks in Iceland. » 3/03/15 1:30am 3/03/15 1:30am

Watch the Bárðarbunga Eruption From Inside the Volcano

Iceland's Bárðarbunga eruption has unleashed a huge quantity of lava — enough to create a landmass the size of Manhattan. What would it be like to watch that terrifying explosion from inside the volcano's cone? Now you can see for yourself. » 10/03/14 1:30pm 10/03/14 1:30pm

The eruption of Bárðarbunga has been so large that it's added a landmass the size of Manhattan to Iceland, say volcanologists. The volcano, which began erupting late last month and continues to erupt now, has added more than 14 miles of land to the island nation... and counting. » 9/23/14 9:20am 9/23/14 9:20am

More Evidence That Early Earth Was Not A Complete Hellhole

The popular image of the early Earth as a magma-drenched ball of despair has taken yet another blow. New research affirms that our planet's first 500 million years were at times surprisingly similar to the present day — including the presence of oceans, continents, and crustal plates. » 9/17/14 3:30pm 9/17/14 3:30pm

Iceland Moves To Red Alert After Small Volcanic Eruption [Updated]

Authorities in Iceland have raised its alert level to maximum after a small eruption occurred overnight in the Bárðarbunga volcano system. Airspace is now closed over the region up to 18,000 feet (5,486 meters) as a cautionary measure, despite no ash being detected by the radar system. » 8/29/14 7:20am 8/29/14 7:20am

Icelandic Scientists Mobilize Monitoring For Uneasy Volcano

After rumbling ominously for days, Bárðarbunga is finally erupting. Maybe. A small subglacial eruption started on Saturday. Scientists rapidly deployed additional sensors in the region, monitoring the ongoing earthquake swarm, surface deformation, and subglacial eruption. » 8/23/14 11:04am 8/23/14 11:04am

Another Volcano Is Rumbling Under The Ice In Iceland

Bárðarbunga is a subglacial volcano in Iceland responsible for a whole lot of seismic activity this week. If it erupts, it could melt the Vatnajökull glacier and produce impressive downstream flooding. At least the latest Icelandic volcano to catch our eye is a lot easier to pronounce than the last one! » 8/20/14 12:34pm 8/20/14 12:34pm

Drilling surprise opens door to volcano-powered electricity

Can enormous heat deep in the earth be harnessed to provide energy for us on the surface? A promising report from a geothermal borehole project that accidentally struck magma – the same fiery, molten rock that spews from volcanoes – suggests it could. » 1/30/14 8:00am 1/30/14 8:00am

The world's first magma-powered geothermal plant

Introducing ICCP-1, the world's first magma-enhanced geothermal system. Located in Iceland, it's an important proof-of-concept that could lead to a revolution in the energy efficiency of high-temperature geothermal areas across the globe. » 1/27/14 4:00pm 1/27/14 4:00pm


In the 17th Century, Icelandic mystics believed an endless supply of money could be had by flaying a corpse from the waist down and wearing its skin like pants. They called the skin-slacks nábrók, or "necropants." Pictured above: not necropants. Actual NSFW dead-person leggings (& penis) appear below. » 10/24/13 6:40am 10/24/13 6:40am

“Cat parties” bedeviling Icelandic police

Some levity for your post-Sandy (or, depending on where you live, mid-Sandy) doldrums: while the East Coast was being ravaged by the biggest hurricane in Atlantic history, local police in Suðurnes, Iceland had crises of their own to deal with. Namely: the feline scourge better known as "cat parties." » 10/30/12 9:26am 10/30/12 9:26am

And now, the mayor of Iceland's capital dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Jón Gnarr Kristinsson, mayor of Reykjavík, Iceland, is cooler than your mayor. Before you contest our claim, we humbly present to you the following pieces of supporting evidence. » 10/02/12 1:00pm 10/02/12 1:00pm

I'm sorry, what were you saying about your mayor being awesome? We can't hear you over the sound of Gnarr's lightsaber.

Bliss out with this 12-minute music video set to Iceland's midnight sun

For the music video for their new 12-minute track "Legend," Japanese instrumental quartet MONO turned to director Henry Jun Wah Lee and the spectral terrain of Iceland, which recently provided the backdrop to Prometheus and Game of Thrones. You know the drill by now — full screen, high definition, and let your mind… » 8/03/12 4:35pm 8/03/12 4:35pm

Behold Iceland's majestic landscapes recreated in wool

No rocks and no magma were used in the making of this volcanic photograph. Instead, Eszter Burghardt uses wool and clever lighting to evoke Iceland's volcanos, geysers, and fjords. » 7/01/12 1:00pm 7/01/12 1:00pm

Icelandic politician moves 30-ton boulder onto his property so he can…

After surviving an automobile accident unscathed in 2010, Icelandic Member of Parliament Árni Johnsen attributed his good fortune to a family of "hidden people" who lived in a boulder near his car wreck. » 5/16/12 6:45am 5/16/12 6:45am

Jon Snow goes to Iceland in the new Game of Thrones making-of video

The latest on-set video from Game of Thrones takes us beyond The Wall to the wilds of the Frostfangs Iceland. Watch as the Night's Watch tromps around a glacier and looks extremely fricking cold. No filming at an indoor ski slope for these guys. Hat tip to Radiosilence! » 2/14/12 3:35pm 2/14/12 3:35pm

Icelandic lake monster spotted slithering through ice

Cameraman Hjörtur Kjerúlf captured this video of the Lagarfljótsormurinn (or Lagarfljóts Worm) wending its way through its home in Lake Lagarfljót. » 2/06/12 12:00pm 2/06/12 12:00pm

The Most Phallic Places On The Planet

All across the globe, there are monuments and tourist attractions that transform our otherwise boring reality into a gleefully tumescent fantasia. Here are the world's most otherworldly phallic vacation destinations. » 1/19/12 1:05pm 1/19/12 1:05pm

What an erupting Icelandic volcano looks like from a helicopter

This video of the Grimsvotn volcano was captured by Jon Gustafsson on behalf of the Helicopter Service of Iceland. The music by Veigar Margeirsson is just the gravy on this spectacle. » 5/24/11 1:25pm 5/24/11 1:25pm