This dramatic fossil shows an ancient marine reptile giving birth

This 248 million-year-old fossil is incredible for two reasons. First, it shows the tragic moment an Ichthyosaur died giving birth. Second, it's the oldest evidence of a live reptilian birth — about 10 million years older than previous samples. » 2/13/14 3:23pm 2/13/14 3:23pm

This massive Triassic Era sea monster picked on prey its own size

Paleontologists have confirmed the existence of a new species of ichthyosaur, a group of marine reptiles that terrorized the world's oceans during the dinosaur era — and this one was an absolute monster. Called Thalattoarchon saurophagis — meaning "lizard-eating sovereign of the sea" — it measured 28 feet (8.6 meters)… » 1/08/13 6:20am 1/08/13 6:20am