Sci-Fi and Fantasy Icons: Kurt Russell

Born March 17, 1951, Kurt Vogel Russell is the son of a dancer and a character actor. His career started out as a child actor with a roles on the 1960's shows Dennis The Menace, Gunsmoke, The Fugitive and later a major role in The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters, a show developed from the movie Guns of Diablo . But… »1/15/14 7:51pm1/15/14 7:51pm

How does Nintendo protect the image of their saintly plumber? A Super Mario historian tells us

In his new book Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America, Jeff Ryan examines the history of the video game manufacturer using the company's unassuming corporate logo Super Mario. We spoke with Ryan about how Nintendo has crafted this de facto global video game spokesman, who's become venerated by millions. »8/28/11 11:00am8/28/11 11:00am