Visualizing 5 years of traffic fatalities: what is the deadliest time to drive?

Data visualization expert John Nelson uses graphic design to illustrate risk. In his latest infographic, he plots the perilousness of driving — something many of us will be doing a lot of in the coming weeks. Using traffic fatality data collected between 2006 and 2010, Nelson set out to look for daily, weekly,… »12/21/12 11:30am12/21/12 11:30am


This gorgeous world map depicts all of Earth's hurricanes since 1851

Data visualization expert John Nelson likes to illustrate risk. Usually he focuses on individual events, but in recent months he's directed his design talents towards a series of bigger projects, in the interest of communicating information about "general geographic trends in existential risk." Translation: beautiful… »8/23/12 11:25am8/23/12 11:25am