Buffy Remake Without Joss? Whedonites Will Burn L.A. To The Ground First

Hollywood wants to remake the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie — but darker, with all new characters, and (most importantly) without Joss Whedon. Do they know who they're messing with? » 5/26/09 6:30am 5/26/09 6:30am

Videodrome Reboot Should Include James Woods, Since He's Not Busy

David Cronenberg's Videodrome is getting the obligatory remake treatment. Universal is set to reboot the picture, with or without Cronenberg. I'm for this remake, if and only if they delve deeper into the bizarre tortures (how timely) and include the crazed James Woods. Transformers 2 co-writer Ehren Kruger is writing… » 4/27/09 9:30am 4/27/09 9:30am

Now The NeverEnding Story Really Is Never Ending

There is a force so great that not even Atreyu or the Childlike Empress can stop it. Who can save the people of Fantasia from the clutches of the lazy Hollywood reboot? » 2/26/09 11:38am 2/26/09 11:38am

We Don't Want A Total Recall Reboot, Not Even With 4 Boobs

All right - just stop it, Hollywood. Stop it right now. Neal Moritz, producer of I Am Legend and Stealth, thinks it's time to remake Total Recall. Pass. » 2/26/09 7:00am 2/26/09 7:00am