Penis reattachment, and other winners from the 2013 Ig Nobel Awards

Last night, scientists from around the world traveled (at their own expense!) to Harvard's iconic Sanders Theatre for the "23rd First Annual" Ig Nobel Awards – a ceremony created to recognize those achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think. » 9/13/13 9:10am 9/13/13 9:10am

How to keep colonoscopy patients from exploding, and other winners…

Colonoscopies sometimes end with intestinal detonation, or what's known in more official circles as a "colonic gas explosion." Never heard of it? Neither had we. That was until last night, when a team of international researchers was awarded an Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine for advising doctors who perform such procedures … » 9/21/12 2:10pm 9/21/12 2:10pm

Watch the 2012 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony live, here on io9!

As of this posting we are just half an hour away from the start of this year's Ig Nobel Awards Ceremony. Don't know what the Ig Nobels are? Go educate yourself. Then come back here to watch the festivities, live. » 9/20/12 4:00pm 9/20/12 4:00pm

And now . . . the winners of the 2011 Ig Nobel Prizes

I'm standing amidst a throng of people in the entrance hall of Harvard University's historic Sanders theatre. Before me stands a man, wielding a flash light, who is coated from head to toe in gleaming silver body paint; he is wearing nothing, save for a pair of reading glasses and a tiny, aluminum-colored speedo. To… » 9/30/11 12:36pm 9/30/11 12:36pm