We Ask Tony Leondis and Chris McKenna: Is Igor Too Funny To Be Scary?

Igor's writer Chris McKenna and director Tony Leondis talk about the balance they tried to achieve while making a comedy/horror film. Can you make a suicidal rabbit funny? I say hell yes. In a video interview together they address the concerns for making Igor »9/17/08 4:55pm9/17/08 4:55pm both happy and scary in an exclusive clip. is in theaters…

Original MILF Jennifer Coolidge Tells io9 About Her Hot CG Curves In Igor

Ever since Jennifer Coolidge played Stifler's Mom many have fantasized about watching her bend and snap. Now the world's first MILF is providing the voices for the dark CG animated film Igor »9/16/08 7:00pm9/16/08 7:00pm, playing the bad girl that slaps around the help (the Igors) a big-lipped Swede. We spoke with Coolidge and she told us the one…

See Watchmen's Rorschach With And Without His Mask

Spoiler alert! New videos from Watchmen include a look at psycho-hero Rorschach unmasked. There are also new Clone Wars videos and new hints about Terminator 4 and Iron Man 2. And new images from Igor and Dragonball. We have a ton of new Heroes spoilers, including an intriguing Kristen Bell development. Also on the TV… »8/14/08 9:00am8/14/08 9:00am

Movie Has John Cleese And A Brain In A Jar — But Will It Have An Audience?

A new poster for Igor (at Cinematical) shows more of the animated movie's supporting cast, including Scamper, Igor's roadkill Franken-bunny, and Brain, a scatter-brained brain in a jar. I'm not sure who this hunchback-who-wants-to-be-a-mad-scientist movie is going to appeal to, but since it's coming out in September… »8/05/08 1:29pm8/05/08 1:29pm