The Bizarre, Human-Animal Hybrids Imagined in the 1930s

Have you ever imagined yourself with a giraffe-like neck? Tentacles instead of arms? Maybe the lower torso of a preying mantis? If you have, great French space artist Lucian Rudaux beat you to it, creating bizarre illustrations of what humans might look like if "evolution had taken a different turn." » 12/31/13 9:00am 12/31/13 9:00am

Kazu Kibuishi's Awesome Challenge: Creating New Harry Potter Covers

Eisner Award-nominated comic book artist and author Kazu Kibuishi admits that he was "surprised" when Scholastic approached him about designing brand-new covers for all seven "Harry Potter" books. He needn't have worried: The founder of the stunning "Flight" comic book anthology series has brought a whole new dimension to… » 8/01/13 11:28am 8/01/13 11:28am

These 19th-century diagrams were one man's attempt to illustrate human…

Could you represent the stages of human consciousness with a diagram? In the late 19th century, New Zealand psychologist Benjamin Betts tried to apply mathematics to the problem of visualizing human consciousness. What he produced were striking, almost floral designs that he believed represented the shape of out… » 11/25/12 5:00pm 11/25/12 5:00pm

Peek inside the anatomies of Gremlins, Predators, and Martian Invaders

We've already fallen for Brad McGinty's kaiju Santa cross-sections and xenomorph anatomy t-shirt. Fortunately, McGinty has continued to work with these fantastical physiologies, turning his x-ray vision on a range of movie monsters and aliens. » 9/08/12 3:00pm 9/08/12 3:00pm

Illustrations that made Edgar Allan Poe's stories even more horrifying

In 1919, everyone wanted a copy of the deluxe edition of Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination, but not because it was bound in vellum with real gold lettering. It was because of these grim and gorgeous illustrations by Harry Clarke, which added an extra dose of horror to Poe's already terrifying tales. » 5/05/12 1:30pm 5/05/12 1:30pm

Sucker Punch artist Alex Pardee shows you what your nightmares look…

You've seen Alex Pardee's Sucker Punch character design posters and his disturbing half-digested children. Now behold his latest project, Vertigo: A Decade of Hunting Nightmares. Here's our exclusive look at Pardee's monstrous dream beasts. » 1/05/11 4:02pm 1/05/11 4:02pm