This Poor Plane is More Ice than Aircraft After an Extreme Icing Test

Holy crap. Testing how aircraft ice in extreme cold weather makes sense, but surely this is going too far?! This 1983 test at NASA’s Icing Research Tunnel dropped this commuter transport engine into its own special torment, spraying it with water to observe freezing on the test model. »11/08/15 10:30am11/08/15 10:30am

NASA's Super Guppy Eats Spacecraft Parts for Breakfast

NASA’s Super Guppy aircraft is one of the most extravagant cargo planes in the world. The awkwardly shaped aircraft has been in service since 1965, and was specifically designed to carry oversized payloads, like rocket stages and spacecrafts. This Tuesday she was fed with the Orion service module stacking assembly… »11/06/15 5:15pm11/06/15 5:15pm