Five Beautiful GIFs of Hurricane Arthur Show Nature's Terrifying Power

When Hurricane Arthur made landfall on the North Carolina coast last weekend, it was the strongest hurricane to strike the United States since Hurricane Ike hit Texas in 2008. The storm was downright impressive visually, and these gifs document the latent beauty of nature's power. »7/08/14 3:18pm7/08/14 3:18pm

Dissect the alien body of The Thing in this new batch of high-res stills

We've got a batch of super detailed photos from the prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing (also titled The Thing). So take a look at what the beast looked like right after it emerged from the ice block. Could this be the original version of The Thing? Or is it just another poor mutated beast (hence the UFO crash we… »9/30/11 4:40pm9/30/11 4:40pm