Could this immortal hydra polyp inspire advanced rejuvenation therapies for humans?

A tiny freshwater polyp called the hydra has a rather neat trick: It can't die. These polyps are able to accomplish this remarkable feat of apparent immorality by reproducing through budding rather than mating. But as geneticists from Kiel University in Germany recently discovered, the same longevity gene that makes… »11/14/12 5:30pm11/14/12 5:30pm

If the world only has another 25 years to go, what crazy science stuff should we do?

Let's say, for the sake of amusement, that the asteroid that will miss us in 2029 really is going to hit us in 2036. Considering the massive climate change, extinction events, and general devastation that such an impact would cause, a lot of possible goals seem kind of silly. Why bother conserving a species that's… »2/11/11 5:00pm2/11/11 5:00pm