Trailer For Joss Whedon's In Your Eyes Reveals A Psychic Love Story

The Joss Whedon-penned, Brin Hill-directed supernatural love story In Your Eyes centers around a psychic connection two strangers have. Naturally, they fall in love, because that is what happens when you are mentally linked to someone and see all the terrible things they do in the privacy of their own house. Here's… » 4/29/14 8:35am 4/29/14 8:35am

Joss Whedon's New Movie In Your Eyes Is Half-Baked

There's a famous line in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer finale where Buffy calls herself cookie dough, because she's "not done baking." That's sort of how I feel about In Your Eyes, the paranormal romcom that Joss Whedon just released on the internet. It needed more time in the oven. Spoilers ahead... » 4/22/14 12:40pm 4/22/14 12:40pm

Watch Joss Whedon's Brand New Supernatural Film In Your Eyes Right Now

Surprise! Joss Whedon has just released his supernatural film In Your Eyes into the world. And for $5, you could be enjoying some brand spankin' new Whedon. Just let us know if we can watch this at work or not; we don't need to cry in the office today. » 4/21/14 8:40am 4/21/14 8:40am

First Three Minutes of Joss Whedon's In Your Eyes Will Hook You

We've been waiting for our first glimpse of Joss Whedon's tiny movie In Your Eyes for ages, and now here's a whole three minutes. The film, written by Whedon but directed by Won't Back Down writer Brin Hill, premieres this Sunday at the Tribeca Film Festival. Watch the opening scene now! » 4/18/14 10:10am 4/18/14 10:10am

What's Happening With Frankenstein and Fantastic Voyage. Plus Awesome …

Idris Elba explains Guillermo del Toro's approach to his monster-fighting epic Pacific Rim. Director Jon Chu explains why his G.I. Joe will be more awesome than the original. Joss Whedon casts his metaphysical romance. Plus more Doctor Who companion rumors! » 2/16/12 6:00am 2/16/12 6:00am

Do the latest Avengers rumors reveal Black Widow's kick-ass…

Tom Hiddleston reveals that Loki will be less Asgardian prince and more damaged pirate. Battleship director Peter Berg gives the lowdown on his movie's alien adversaries. Check out new clips from found footage superhero movie Chronicle. Plus new Supernatural revelations! » 1/18/12 6:00am 1/18/12 6:00am

How many characters will die in Joss Whedon's new metaphysical love…

Joss Whedon is a movie-making machine! The Avengers is almost done, his latest project Much Ado About Nothing has wrapped shooting, and now he's announcing a third movie — a supernatural romance titled In Your Eyes. » 11/01/11 3:42pm 11/01/11 3:42pm

Wall-E Meets Peter Gabriel

You may not want to shock the monkey, but you could find yourself dancing with the cute robot. Peter Gabriel is doing some music for the soundtrack of Wall-E, Pixar's new robot movie. He's creating a couple of new tunes for the occasion, plus putting "some glue" on things he's come up with previously. In a video blog… » 2/14/08 11:20am 2/14/08 11:20am