13 Webcomics That Will Make You Smarter

While some webcomics deliver a quick joke or the latest installment in a long-form story, many comics floating around the Internet have something to teach us about the world. Here are some of our favorite comics that delve into science, history, philosophy, and more. » 4/09/14 10:30am 4/09/14 10:30am

Incidental Comics finds the magic in the mundane (and reveals the…

Grant Snider has a way with words. And images. He can take a single idea: synesthesia crayon colors (including Thursday, Triangular, the Letter Q), casting modern Western poets as warrior-poets (as in Robert Frost: Bear Fighter and Emily Dickinson: Closet Jedi), the Oregon Trail as played by future Portland residents… » 9/01/12 8:30am 9/01/12 8:30am

Play Haruki Murakami Bingo as you read 1Q84

On your next trip through the surreal prose of Haruki Murakami, keep this bingo card, created by cartoonist Grant Snider, handy. Each time you hit Bingo, reward yourself with a cat or the uneasy sense that aliens are spying on you. Cut up, remix, and hand it out to your book group. » 6/02/12 4:00pm 6/02/12 4:00pm