Honest trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Finally the Honest Trailer series takes down the latest Indiana Jones disaster. "With sets that look worse than Legends of the Hidden Temple," this honest breakdown is so dead on it kind of makes you cringe. Ugh that line about the treasure being knowledge still hurts our brains. Overall this video kills it, but be… » 1/22/13 10:40am 1/22/13 10:40am

Archaeologist suing makers of Indiana Jones, claiming their Crystal…

Can a fantastical movie be too historically accurate? Dr. Jaime Awe, director of the Institute of Archeology of Belize, has filed suit against Lucasfilm and Paramount Pictures claiming that the prop skull from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull bears a striking resemblance to one of the "real" Crystal… » 12/09/12 5:00pm 12/09/12 5:00pm

George Lucas promises never to make another Star Wars movie

Because you dissed the Star Wars prequels, George Lucas has sworn he won't ever make another movie about that faraway galaxy. He says, "Why would I make any more, when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?" » 1/18/12 12:20pm 1/18/12 12:20pm

Deranged old man Mr. Plinkett reviews Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of…

Remember Mr. Plinkett, that disgusting old coot who dissected The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Star Trek, and Avatar? Now he's turned his foul, critical eye toward Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull. Learn the various plot failings of the film, all narrated in an hour-plus of horribly hypnotic geriatric… » 12/23/11 8:20am 12/23/11 8:20am

The Most Expensive Movies Of The Past Decade

The 2009 summer movie season ended, with a record-breaking box office. But 2009 will also go down as the year with the most movies that cost $200 million or more. We've compiled the most expensive movies of the past decade. » 9/21/09 12:04pm 9/21/09 12:04pm

Unfilmed Indy 4 Script Has 23 Percent More Awesomeness

What would Indiana Jones 4 have been like without Shia LaBoeuf's cocky young character Mutt? Now you can find out for yourself, thanks to a leaked copy of Frank Darabont's draft of the Indy 4 script that's floating around the internet. (It should be pretty easy to find via Google — and people seem to think it's… » 6/13/08 2:04pm 6/13/08 2:04pm

If Only Indiana Jones 4 Had Been As Thrilling As Its Concept Art

If only Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull had been as dynamic as the movie's concept art. A gorgeous new book from Lucas Books and Ballantine, The Complete Making Of Indiana Jones, is chock full of art and production photos for Skull that make me feel a bit wistful for the finished product. Catacombs… » 6/05/08 4:30pm 6/05/08 4:30pm

Cool and Crap Awards of the Week

At least two things happened in the world of science and fiction last week, and one was cool and the other was crap.

Coolest alcohol-tinged recruitment effort that involved science fiction, antiracism, and M&Ms: Last night at Madison's Wiscon science fiction convention, the Carl Brandon Society threw a party and… » 5/24/08 5:45pm 5/24/08 5:45pm

New Wanted Clip, Plus Ron Moore's Battlestar Forecast

Spoilers are mind-expanding! To prove it, we have a new clip from Angelina Jolie's mega-assassin movie Wanted, and some last-minute spoilers from Indiana Jones. Plus what to expect from the next few episodes of Battlestar Galactica, direct from producer Ron Moore. There are also tons of details about the fifth season… » 5/21/08 6:00am 5/21/08 6:00am

Red Hot Cate Blanchett In New Indiana Jones Pics

A bunch of new publicity photos came out for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull — and Cate Blanchett looks totally smoking hot as an evil Soviet agent. I'd had my doubts about her weird hairdo before, but seeing some of the close-up publicity shots has converted me to Cate's brand of Communism. Some of… » 5/08/08 11:40am 5/08/08 11:40am

Crystal Skull Will Be Kinkiest Indiana Jones Yet

Indiana Jones will have a bit of a crisis of confidence at the start of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, in which he'll question his place in the universe. It'll be a moving and tragic meditation on aging, worthy of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. How do I know this? Bubble gum cards told me, of… » 5/05/08 11:10am 5/05/08 11:10am

Indiana Jones More Indestructible Than Ever In New Trailer

A new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer leaked out early, and it explains a little bit more about the mythology behind that skull and why everybody wants it. And as usual, people try to shoot, hit, blow up and drop things on Indy. Spoilers and details after the jump. » 4/30/08 10:40am 4/30/08 10:40am

Indiana Jones Will Be (Mostly) CGI-Free, Designer Tells io9

Click to viewWill Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull feature Indy ducking CGI boulders and reacting to greenscreen aliens? Not according to production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas, who also worked on Superman Returns and X2: X-Men United. We just talked to Dyas, who says he built all of the movie's sets,… » 3/31/08 2:04pm 3/31/08 2:04pm

Indiana Jones Cracks Wise (As Well As Whip) In New Trailer

Shia LaBoeuf will be the dorky straight man to Harrison Ford's wisecracking old-timer in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This new TV trailer shows a bit more of the duo's dynamic, and there's a lot of Shia gaping while Indy does something daring or smirkingly calls him a genius. I'm also surer than… » 3/31/08 6:30am 3/31/08 6:30am

It's All-Terrain Indy!

The latest Entertainment Weekly features this exclusive picure from the new Indiana Jones movie, and adds more weight to the rumors that it's about aliens. In this image, Indy, Marion and Mutt (Shia LaBeouf) race through a Peruvian jungle in their amphibious vehicle, racing some Russians to find the Temple of the… » 3/06/08 6:44pm 3/06/08 6:44pm

First Look at Indiana Jones in the Cobwebby Alien Dungeon

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has a new photograph out today, all packed with cobwebs and spiders. It also looks like Shia LaBeouf's uniform throughout the film will be his greaser biker jacket, helping hammer home the whole "Hey, I'm a teenaged rebel, man!" attitude. If he picks up the whip once… » 1/15/08 12:00pm 1/15/08 12:00pm

George Lucas Explains Why You'll Hate Indy IV

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will be hitting theater screens on May 22nd, marking nineteen years since we've seen the whip-swinging archeaologist going after mysterious antiquities and occasionally teaching school. However, George Lucas thinks that both critics and fans alike will hate the… » 1/02/08 1:20pm 1/02/08 1:20pm

Indiana Jones and the Jumping of the Shark

Steven Spielberg has yanked the aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind out of mothballs, and plans to stick them in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when Indiana accidentally finds Area 51. » 11/28/07 10:15am 11/28/07 10:15am