The Visit Trailer Interrogates An Alien Visitor

Behold the befuddling, yet enticing trailer for Michael Madsen's The Visit. Part of the 2015 Sundance lineup, this is the first look we're getting at the mockumentary that asks how the world would respond to alien life. » 12/11/14 3:40pm 12/11/14 3:40pm

You Lose Blood Every Time You're Shot With This Controller [Update]

Blood Sport is the perfect name for am ambitious piece of technology: a rig that will link medical hardware to a video game, and take some of your blood whenever you're hit. All for a good cause, of course. » 11/24/14 3:01am 11/24/14 3:01am

A Father's Struggle To Make A Game After Cancer Killed His Son

"Jesus, I can't even watch this," the man sitting next to me whispered, fidgeting in his seat. The screen in front of us played a home video of an infant child named Joel Green, gurgling happily as he played with a bunch of golden retriever puppies. » 8/04/14 1:45pm 8/04/14 1:45pm

Being A Sexy Green Alien Babe Can Be Tough

The exotic yet tantalizing alien babe that humanity fetishizes is a well-known sci-fi trope—surely, you've come across it before. Typically, games like Mass Effect let us seduce these characters. But in Redshirt, you can play as that sexy blue alien—and you can see first-hand why this fantasy that is sometimes peddled… » 11/22/13 7:57pm 11/22/13 7:57pm

Ten Indie PC Games You Must Keep An Eye On

There are so many small teams out there working on so many promising PC games that it's often impossible keeping tabs on them. You read about them, you like the looks of them, then the world keeps spinning and you forget all about something you may otherwise have loved. That's a shame. So we're going to fix it. » 9/30/13 12:25pm 9/30/13 12:25pm

This Teaser Goes From Beautiful to Terrifying In The Space Of Seconds

When they posted it, Random Seed, creators of upcoming Mars-based survival-exploration title Lacuna Passage, called this video a "soundtrack spotlight." And that's what it is: a demonstration of the game's somber and beautiful soundtrack—accompanied by a deeply unsettling sneak-peek at... something. » 7/12/13 2:03pm 7/12/13 2:03pm

Why Alien Invasion is the Perfect Metaphor for Growing Up Black in…

Keith Josef Adkins' The Abandon follows five African American men who go on a camping trip together, only to find out that aliens have invaded the planet. The webseries (which we featured in our "crowdfund this" roundup) raised $8000 on Indiegogo, and the first episode launched around Christmas. » 1/15/13 3:41pm 1/15/13 3:41pm

Million dollar Firefly-inspired movie will film in 2012: UPDATED

Firefly is coming back... sort of. Fox hasn't come to its senses and commissioned a new season of Joss Whedon's ground-breaking space opera. But at least one man is doing his part to keep the story alive. UPDATED: No Firefly link! » 8/08/11 6:30am 8/08/11 6:30am

A Steampunk Dominatrix Movie, Without the Steampunk

What happens if you're making a movie about steampunk vixens who enslave men, but you can't get any steampunk costumes or props? You get creative. And add a fire-breathing mechanical dragon. » 6/22/11 5:11pm 6/22/11 5:11pm

Know Your Trolls: A guide to troll science from the director of…

Norwegian horror film TrollHunter looks set to be one of the summer's coolest movies, so we were excited to learn more about the film's mythology. Director André Øvredal shared some exclusive concept art, and answered our pressing questions. » 5/05/11 4:05pm 5/05/11 4:05pm

Gorgeous look at Ti West's Innkeepers "a ghost story for the minimum…

Ti West's classic ghost story, The Innkeepers, is building up a lot of buzz following their SXSW debut. The recent release of this gorgeous poster has us even more excited. Plus, watch the trailer for The Corridor, which we hope is better than Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. » 3/06/11 5:30pm 3/06/11 5:30pm

Harrison Ford wants Indiana Jones to die

Harrison Ford has a serious death wish for all his iconic characters. It's common knowledge that Ford always wanted Han Solo to die in Return of the Jedi, and now he wants the same for Indiana Jones. » 12/20/10 10:12am 12/20/10 10:12am

First gooey footage from Vessel's in-flight alien attack

We've been following the work of Clark Baker's short film Vessel ever since we laid eyes on his monster on a plane creations. But now the film has wrapped, and we're got first ever footage of the mile-high alien. » 8/26/10 2:30pm 8/26/10 2:30pm

Is Barry Levinson making a movie about tongue-eating parasites?

Vague reports about Barry Levinson's new science fiction film Isopod have led us to hope like we never have before. Will the nasty parasites that bite off the tongues of fish FINALLY be getting their own feature film? » 8/11/10 12:20pm 8/11/10 12:20pm

Sharpen your #2 pencils... to stab in your neighbor's eye the Exam…

We're dying to see a screening of this film in the states. The Exam shows what happens when you lock eight people in a room and tell them it's a test. Bloodshed! Watch what happens in this new trailer. » 7/15/10 2:20pm 7/15/10 2:20pm

This year's alien sleeper hit, Monsters, is coming to theaters at last

Good news: Gareth Edwards' well-reviewed film about aliens quarantined in Mexico, Monsters, is getting a limited release. The film, which generated plenty of awesome buzz at SXSW, is coming to NYC and LA. » 7/02/10 8:00am 7/02/10 8:00am

Down With Crappy CG Aliens, Support A Real Monster

A new short film, Vessel, is attempting to bring back real monsters, with an alien created out of practical effects. Support real monsters, and check out our exclusive gallery of Vessel's new alien including creepy prosthetic limbs and bits! » 5/17/10 8:00am 5/17/10 8:00am

Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl's Wrist-Cutting Rally Is Deeply…

Giving the mangled women of Tokyo Gore Police a run for their buckets of blood, Vampire Girl and Frankenstein Girl battle, with blades and kicks — but first, the rally. The faint of heart: proceed no further. It's probably NSFW. » 6/09/09 7:00am 6/09/09 7:00am

Alien Life Invades Through Transmorphing BlackBerry? Wake Me When It's…

If Transformers' "shadow movie" Transmorphers has a Blackberry that morphs into a spiderbot, will the second Tranformers have a killer Decepticon iPhone baddie? Plus, check out the latest batch of Asylum ripoffs, shorts, and Rec 2 clips. » 6/07/09 5:30pm 6/07/09 5:30pm