The Problem Of Games Being Art, But Also Products

Tale of Tales, who most recently released the excellent Sunset—but who were also behind games like The Path and The Endless Forest—have decided to stop making and releasing commercial (in the most literal sense, as in available for sale) video games, announcing the news with an honest and confronting blog post that… »6/22/15 6:00am6/22/15 6:00am

Being A Sexy Green Alien Babe Can Be Tough

The exotic yet tantalizing alien babe that humanity fetishizes is a well-known sci-fi trope—surely, you've come across it before. Typically, games like Mass Effect let us seduce these characters. But in Redshirt, you can play as that sexy blue alien—and you can see first-hand why this fantasy that is sometimes peddled… »11/22/13 7:57pm11/22/13 7:57pm

Ten Indie PC Games You Must Keep An Eye On

There are so many small teams out there working on so many promising PC games that it's often impossible keeping tabs on them. You read about them, you like the looks of them, then the world keeps spinning and you forget all about something you may otherwise have loved. That's a shame. So we're going to fix it. »9/30/13 12:25pm9/30/13 12:25pm

This Teaser Goes From Beautiful to Terrifying In The Space Of Seconds

When they posted it, Random Seed, creators of upcoming Mars-based survival-exploration title Lacuna Passage, called this video a "soundtrack spotlight." And that's what it is: a demonstration of the game's somber and beautiful soundtrack—accompanied by a deeply unsettling sneak-peek at... something. »7/12/13 2:03pm7/12/13 2:03pm