Triffid chic: Indonesian bikers wear potted plants as helmets

To call attention to the environmental toll of fossil fuel consumption, a group of motorbikers/performance artists in Yogyakarta, Indonesia strapped weighty shrubbery to their heads and tooled around town. This is a smashing look for the incognito Hell's Angel looking to masquerade as office foliage. Explains the … »12/06/11 10:35am12/06/11 10:35am

Funky Indonesian Supergirl film is also a rip-off of Spider-Woman

Soraya Intercine's TV program Supergirl not only cribs a name from DC's lady Kryptonian — this Indonesian show also takes some serious fashion cues from Marvel's Spider-Woman. Frankly, I love these bootleg heroes. She can start a superteam with the Indian Incredible Hulk, the Bangladeshi Hulk, and every Turkish… »2/13/11 7:10pm2/13/11 7:10pm

Jakarta's Coastline Is Becoming A Sailor-Themed Space Station

If you're going to live by the sea, you should live like a high-rolling sailor with a penchant for fancy futuristic architecture. That's the idea behind the aerodynamically-shaped hotel, 10 apartment towers, and 2.4-hectare "Aqua Park" that will comprise Regatta, the new lux complex on the Java Sea coast in Jakarta,… »2/14/08 7:00pm2/14/08 7:00pm