The oceans used to be filled with noise

There's a theory that all the noise that we're pumping into the seas — sonar, drilling, and more — may be disorienting for sea mammals like whales that navigate by sound. But there's something else that humans already did to the ocean, according to a new study. We killed off almost all the mammals that were there to… » 10/29/12 6:20am 10/29/12 6:20am

Secret Inspiration for Philip K. Dick Biopic "Your Name Here"

Everybody is jabbering about whether there will be an ounce of goodness in Your Name Here, the upcoming movie about the life of dystopian scifi author Philip K. Dick (whose novels inspired movies Bladerunner, Minority Report, and A Scanner Darkly). It sounds promising — Bill Pullman plays the meth-snorting writer… » 10/15/07 6:49pm 10/15/07 6:49pm