It Seems More and More Certain That We Live in a Multiverse

Last week, physicists announced that they'd discovered evidence of gravitational waves in the early universe, which makes it more likely that our universe began with a bang and inflated from there. But that also means a whole host of other things, including possible multiverses. » 3/25/14 3:59pm 3/25/14 3:59pm

Translating Physicist to Human

Watching Andrei Linde and Renata Kallosh hear that BICEP-2 found gravitational waves is heartwarming. But with a bit of translating of everything left unsaid, it becomes even more gut-wrenchingly awesome. Allow me to translate for you to see this through a physicist's eyes. » 3/19/14 6:42pm 3/19/14 6:42pm

Incredible Discovery Provides Evidence for the Big Bang Theory

Today, Harvard's servers were brought to their knees dealing with international demand to watch a press conference about ... gravitational waves. It's no surprise: as physicist Marc Kamionkowski reflected, "It's not everyday you wake up and learn something completely new about the early universe." » 3/17/14 1:43pm 3/17/14 1:43pm