Golden Toast And Gods Waiting For The Bus Teach Us Valuable Lessons

This week, we learned all about the moral responsibilities that come with a toaster that makes golden toast and waited with Thor for the last bus. Plus, we're giving you yet another completely amazing trailer from Inhabited Island » 11/23/08 5:30pm 11/23/08 5:30pm with more new footage of the blondie Russian space traveler and his new alien pals.We…

Hottie Russian Invites Werewolves To Interstellar Space Party, Undead Exes And Creepy Splice Baby Pics

This week, take a closer look at Russian scifi epic Inhabited Island » 11/16/08 5:00pm 11/16/08 5:00pm to see the bad boy side to the curly headed hero in the new trailer were we finally able to get - Looks like he's not afraid to smear some blood all over those baby blues and kick some werewolf butt. Plus, we've got a closer look at the blood sucking…

Death In The Shadow Of The Mind-Control Towers

Here's the first trailer for Russia's biggest science fiction epic ever, Inhabited Island. It's a Blade Runner-esque post-apocalyptic satire, based on a 1971 novel about astronaut Maxim Kammerer, who lands on a planet devastated by nuclear destruction and ruled by five "Unknown Fathers" who use mind-control towers to… » 5/28/08 1:07pm 5/28/08 1:07pm

Russian Scifi Epic "Inhabited Island" Comes to Berlin

The long-awaited Russian scifi film Inhabited Island will screen in Berlin this week. This $40 million dollar epic is one of the most expensive films to come out of the Motherland. It's based on the 1971 Soviet novel called Prisoners of Power, written by the Strugatsky brothers, and follows amateur astronaut Maxim… » 2/06/08 4:00pm 2/06/08 4:00pm