FBI Admits Flawed Forensics May Have Led To Wrongful Convictions 

The FBI and the Justice Department admitted that flawed forensic testimony over more than 20 years — particularly pertaining to hair analysis — may have led to wrongful convictions in hundreds of cases, including 14 instances where a possibly innocent defendant was executed or died in prison. » 4/20/15 5:26pm 4/20/15 5:26pm

Injustice reveals what happens when Superman lets himself kill

Don't dismiss DC's Injustice: Gods Among Us as a simple tie-in to the fighting videogame. It's an excellent Elseworlds tale about the Joker tricking Superman into murdering Lois Lane, and the grief-stricken Superman killing the Joker in vengeance — which leads Superman to decide he can no longer afford to be merciful,… » 11/12/13 3:05pm 11/12/13 3:05pm

NBC Dethrones Kings By Banishing It To Summer

First NBC shoves Kings from its Sunday spot to Saturday night, and now they're holding off until June to air the final episodes, still on that terrible Saturday night spot. According to the trades, the show has been completely pulled until June 13, and will finish its run through July 25. This is a travesty. [THR Feed] » 4/22/09 9:30am 4/22/09 9:30am