This eldritch animation will stare straight into your soul

Animator Jake Fried has a knack for getting under your skin. Back in January, we called his captivating one-minute short "The Deep End" sixty of the most unsettling seconds we'd sat through in some time. His latest animation – titled "Raw Data" – confirms the Boston-based artist still has what it takes to hold us in… »5/07/13 1:55pm5/07/13 1:55pm

Sea Hare Ink Is One of Nature's Most Unusual Bioweapons

Sea hares are known for the colorful, sticky ink they let loose when knocked around by hungry predators (or mean humans). Scientists already knew a few ways this defense helped these squishy creatures escape the dinner plate. But new research reveals another purpose to the defensive ink, and it's unlike anything else… »3/27/13 6:20pm3/27/13 6:20pm

This eerie animation was hand-drawn with ink, coffee and white-out, and it will melt your face

Jump-start your Friday with an ample helping of psychedelic, hand-animated weirdness. This trippy one-minute short — titled "The Deep End" — was cooked up by Boston-based experimental animator Jake Fried, who relied on ink, coffee, white-out, and layer-upon-layer of illustrated canvas to create the downright… »1/04/13 11:30am1/04/13 11:30am

Cybernetic Sea Monsters and Flying Houses in Ink and Watercolors

Take one part Shel Silverstein, a heavy dose of Baroque fashion, and mix with steampunk sensibility, and you get Mattias Adolfsson’s ink and watercolor illustrations. The Swedish illustrator draws witty and often sweet illustrations of unusually shaped robots and impossible vehicles, imagining a world where bears fly… »12/07/08 12:00pm12/07/08 12:00pm