How Britain's Failed Attempt to Develop a 'Death Ray' Changed the Course of World War II

In the early 1930s, Great Britain found itself in a rather precarious position. Military theorists were predicting, quite correctly, that the next war would be dominated by air power, and the ominous threat of aerial bombardment. With Nazi Germany on the rise, the Brits suddenly felt very vulnerable. To address the… »8/20/12 2:01pm8/20/12 2:01pm

The Best Real-Life Science Fictional Inventions of 2008

Click to view »11/10/08 2:24pm11/10/08 2:24pm Popular Science just published their mind-blowing "Best of What's New 2008" issue and it's packed with science fictional goodies that are coming to life right before our eyes. PopSci editor Sean Captain shared with us his favorites, including this "ground bot" for exploring other planets. See seven more…