How scientists deciphered the "waggle dance" language of bees

This is one of the most succinct and interesting videos I've ever seen about how bees communicate with each other. Using a series of precise dance moves, they inform their hive mates about the locations of food sources. The vid was made by researchers working with a group at Georgia Tech called the Multi-Agent… »1/17/12 10:40am1/17/12 10:40am

Bacteria that turns flies into sex-crazed super-breeders

The whitefly is a major agricultural pest, and over the last six years Southwest of America has seen the near total infection of the species by a symbiotic bacteria, which makes them super-breeders. The bacterium Rickettsia bellii was originally spotted in just a few specimens in 2000, but by 2006 was in 97% of the… »4/08/11 10:30am4/08/11 10:30am

How fire ants invaded North America, then the world, in just a few decades

The insect known as S. invicta, or the fire ant, will bite the crap out of you, join up with its buddies to swarm everywhere, and ruin everything in its path. And they're everywhere! The truly scary part is that they didn't used to be so ubiquitous - in fact, fire ants used to live in a relatively small area in… »2/24/11 6:23pm2/24/11 6:23pm