The Science of Inspiration (and How to Make It Work for You)

Inspiration is fickle and difficult. We all strive for those bright "Aha!" moments, whether we work in a creative or logical field. While it's not a process you can control entirely, there are ways to enable and encourage your brain to have more of those epiphanies when you understand how they work. »11/20/13 9:41am11/20/13 9:41am

20 Science Books Every Scifi Fan (and Writer) Should Read

Click to viewYou can't have great science fiction writing without great books about science. Ever since the nineteenth century, when Charles Darwin's classics On the Origin of Species and The Descent of Man took the reading public by storm, popular science writing has been inspiring fictional thought experiments, as… »4/29/08 5:32pm4/29/08 5:32pm

Eight of the Oddest Inspirations for the Coolest Science Fiction Machines

Some of the most awesome science fiction machines ever conceived for film, like the turbo-tank AT-ATs from Empire Strikes Back, were inspired by things the concept designers saw every day. You may already know that George Lucas was allegedly inspired to create the AT-ATs by these cargo lifters at the Port of Oakland »3/13/08 3:41pm3/13/08 3:41pm