Instagram Photos Give A Rare Look At Life Inside North Korea

North Korea remains a grim enigma — a lone totalitarian state that few outsiders manage to visit. We glimpse military parades and marvel at the colorful propaganda, but we seldom get much of a sense of what it’s like to live there. But these Instagram photos give a remarkably vivid look at ordinary life in North Korea. » 3/26/14 3:50pm 3/26/14 3:50pm

This list of the dumbest NASA Instagram comments is embarrassing

NASA's Instagram accounts are awesome. And since everyone can follow them, they're places where science and space exploration inevitably collides with human stupidity and fatuity in the most entertaining way. Here's a list of 52 embarrassingly dumb comments that I've picked for your pleasure: » 11/23/13 7:16am 11/23/13 7:16am