Talk to the Guy Who Made these Surreal Solarized Shots of Paradise

Solarisation: The photography trick guaranteed to make mundane shots look like dreamscapes, everyday folks look like phantasms, and these shots of surfers and bikers in Costa Rica by Scott Rinckenberger look extra-extreme. » 11/07/12 8:59am 11/07/12 8:59am

Watch a pro photographer shoot apocalyptic shots in Costa Rica

In addition to the whole "paradise" thing, Costa Rica is famous for its close-knit crew of hardcore surfers who stand guard over the country's hidden beach hideaways (sort of like The Beach, but with less murder). So when pro-skiier-turned-photographer Scott Rinckenberger arrived in a place that knows surfing and… » 10/24/12 8:59am 10/24/12 8:59am