How Will Humans Get to Alpha Centauri?

Astronomers have discovered an Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting a star in Alpha Centauri, just 4.3 light-years from Earth. With surface temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees fahrenheit, this particular planet would be inhospitable, but the fact that it exists at all raises hopes of finding another, more human-friendly… » 10/18/12 8:15am 10/18/12 8:15am

Four Reasons Not to Give Up on Interstellar Travel

Click to view » 8/22/08 7:00am 8/22/08 7:00amAccording to the scientists who attended this year's Joint Propulsion Conference in Hartford, Connecticut, humans may never be able to achieve interstellar travel. Aerospace experts from NASA to MIT claim that finding the amount of energy and time we'd need to cross the huge distances involved is out of…