It’s a Freaking Miracle That We Got a Man in the High Castle TV Show

The producers of the Man in the High Castle TV series spent eight years trying to get it off the ground, and having doors slammed in their faces. For a while, the BBC was going to make it, but it fell through. In order to finally get it made, they had to make one crucial change, that makes it a bit less bleak. »Thursday 5:55pm11/19/15 5:55pm

How Scarlet Witch's New Comic Uncovers The Mystic Marvel Universe—And The Scarlet Witch Herself

Sister of Quicksilver. Wife of Vision. Daughter of Magneto (or not). X-Man. Avenger. We know these facts about Wanda Maxmimoff, but really, who is Scarlet Witch? Ahead of her first-ever solo series, we sat down with writer James Robinson to discuss how he’ll explore what makes Wanda really tick. »11/06/15 3:30pm11/06/15 3:30pm

How Warren Ellis Brought the James Bond Of Ian Fleming's Books To Comics

James Bond is back! And not just on the big screen—Britain’s most famous spy has returned to comics after decades away in today’s release of James Bond #1 by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters. To mark the release of issue one, we spoke Ellis to discuss how he brought Ian Fleming’s classic hero to life.
»11/04/15 4:30pm11/04/15 4:30pm

How a Crazy Space-Vampire Comic Like Interceptor Could Be the Next Big Comic Book Movie

There’s been a bit of a running trend of comics getting picked up for movie adaptations even before they release an issue—and Heavy Metal’s next big creator-owned series, Interceptor, is joining that trend. We sat down with writer Donny Cates to discuss the wild new series, and what it’s like having your comic turned… »11/03/15 10:00am11/03/15 10:00am

How Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Became One Of Marvel's Biggest (And Cutest) New Comics

Even with a host of new comics coming from Marvel lately, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur sounds like one of the most interesting (and adorable). To find out more, we sat down with writers Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder to discuss how they and artist Natacha Bustos brought back a classic Jack Kirby creation—with a… »10/29/15 5:00pm10/29/15 5:00pm

Michelle Gomez Wants To Keep Playing Missy on Doctor Who For Years

Doctor Who’s biggest innovation in recent years is probably transforming the Master, that evil Time Lord, into an evil Time Lady named Missy. And the show obviously aims to capitalize on that surprise, because Missy is back in the two-part season opener, right after the show killed her off in the last season finale. »9/16/15 4:42pm9/16/15 4:42pm

The Real Story of Alfred Packer, the Wild West Cannibal Who Became An Unlikely Folk Hero

Alfred G. Packer first made headlines in 1873, when he returned from a harrowing journey through the Colorado Rockies ... alone. What happened to his five traveling companions became the stuff of legend, as author Harold Schechter explores in the new Man-Eater: The Life and Legend of an American Cannibal. »8/18/15 8:00pm8/18/15 8:00pm

How Ghost Fleet Nails The Perfect Vision of World War III

Set in the near future, Ghost Fleet dares to imagine what the next global war might actually look like. We talked to P.W. Singer to learn how he and his co-author August Cole managed to produce a futuristic techno-thriller that’s as plausible as it is entertaining. We were also given an exclusive excerpt from the… »6/25/15 5:40pm6/25/15 5:40pm

Hacker Drama Mr. Robot Is Scary, Paranoia-Inducing, and Awesome

If you could hack into an evil corporation’s bank account and shuffle its wealth to the 99%, would you? That’s the Anonymous-era quandary a young, brilliant hacker grapples with in the new USA drama, Mr. Robot, which premiers tonight at 10 p.m. I got a chance to hang out with the cast as they were filming in New York. »6/24/15 12:00pm6/24/15 12:00pm