Who Are You? Introduce Yourselves To Us!

Hello out there! Do you ever wonder about who all is reading this? So do we. Introduce yourselves to us all — and find out who has been reading alongside you, too! » 10/15/14 7:00am 10/15/14 7:00am

Tell Us the Story of Your Not-Too-Distant Future

A very short time from now, in a galaxy not very far away at all (this one), lived a person (you) with a future currently unfolding all around them. Today, we want to know what the not too distant future holds for you. » 11/12/13 7:40am 11/12/13 7:40am

Tell Us Your Best Trade Secret

Yesterday, we asked you to introduce yourselves in the comments and you told us that you are: molecular biologists, HAZMAT specialists, puppeteers, writers, park rangers, 3-d animators, librarians, fans, hobbyists, and relentless enthusiasts. Today, tell us one thing you'd like people to know about your area of… » 9/27/13 7:00am 9/27/13 7:00am

Who Are You? Introduce Yourselves in the Comments!

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Welcome Two New Humans To The io9 Team!

We're pleased to announce two new editors have joined the io9 team. We've given them the brain implants and are slowly taking control of all their thoughts. Please welcome Marc Bernardin and Cyriaque Lamar. » 3/29/10 6:20am 3/29/10 6:20am