Fan-Made Toys are the Best Toys

Sometimes (oftentimes?) it feels like there just aren't enough cult-favorite tie-in products out there to meet fans' tastes, so it's good thing crafters are out there. Saga doesn't seem to have any official merch yet, but dang, check out this guy a friend made! » 1/19/15 11:38am 1/19/15 11:38am

The Most Incompetent Evil Henchmen of All Time

It’s hard to find good help these days — or any day, really. If you’re an evil mastermind, hiring a decent henchman to help you take over the world is usually a lot harder than the taking over the world part. Here are just a few of the most famous evil henchmen who never won “employee of the month.” » 3/19/13 12:10pm 3/19/13 12:10pm

The Nicktoon Avengers Assemble!

Not to be outdone by human actors, the characters from various Nickelodeon cartoons have donned their favorite superhero costumes and are ready for their turn on the big screen. Joss Whedon didn't plan for the likes of Iron Zim, Captain Bluffington, and the Bulk. » 5/06/12 7:00am 5/06/12 7:00am

Why Invader Zim's GIR should be your favorite robot sidekick

Science fiction has portrayed its fair share of glitchy and bumbling robots over the years, but none hold a candle to Invader Zim's GIR. Quite possibly the most erratic and unhelpful robot to ever hit the screen, GIR has become one the most loved and oft-quoted characters to appear in a sci-fi cartoon in years. » 5/02/12 4:30pm 5/02/12 4:30pm

What Science Fiction Characters Wear for Halloween

Still stumped on a Halloween costume idea? Maybe you can take your cue from these Halloween-loving characters from science fiction and fantasy. Check out what these folks wear to celebrate the season of horror. » 10/15/09 4:03pm 10/15/09 4:03pm

20 Best (And 20 Worst) Pets In Science Fiction

When humans finally conquer space, we'll still want to keep other creatures as pets. Some science-fiction pets are among our favorite characters, but others, you just want to flush out the airlock. Here's our list of the best and worst. » 6/24/09 5:00pm 6/24/09 5:00pm

Why Everything Goes Better With Space Monkeys

With Space Chimps officially the most anticipated monkey movie of the summer, it's time to take a serious look at our spacefaring simian cousins. (Especially after we discovered our readers are as obsessed with monkeys as we are.) And it turns out there are way more of them than we'd realized, including space-monkey… » 3/13/08 12:01pm 3/13/08 12:01pm

TV's Frank From MST3K Masquerades As Studio Executive

Although it's been more than a decade since TV's Frank (Frank Conniff) appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000, it's hard to mistake his white hair and baritone voice in this parody video showing us the other side of the Writer's Guild Strike: the poor, suffering studio executives. Besides playing what looks like… » 11/12/07 3:42pm 11/12/07 3:42pm