Crazy Ideas that Made the Leap from Scifi to Reality

We may never have our flying cars, but there are some things that science fiction has predicted accurately. Here are some futuristic technologies that started as fiction and are now part of the real world. » 7/17/13 3:00pm 7/17/13 3:00pm

13 Unlucky Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions

While some inventors enjoy fame and fortune thanks to their inventions, for a handful of inventors, their devices proved their own worst enemies. Here are 13 unlucky (and in some cases, foolhardy) inventors who perished thanks to their own creations. » 5/25/13 3:00pm 5/25/13 3:00pm

19th-Century "Coffin Torpedos" shot at would-be grave robbers

If you wanted to be absolutely sure that your deceased body stayed inside your grave and didn't end up on an anatomy student's carving table, you could simply ask your heirs to arm your coffin. During the 19th Century, coffin guns and "grave torpedos" appeared on the market, ready to thwart potential body snatchers and… » 8/11/12 7:30am 8/11/12 7:30am

The man who invented the heart-lung machine was better known for a…

Did you know that the heart-lung machine was invented twice? And that, in typical scientific fashion, almost no one credits the original inventor. Instead, this neuroscientist is known for calibrated pig bristles. To be fair, he didn't invent those, and no one today credits the pigs. » 3/01/12 3:30pm 3/01/12 3:30pm

This patent for a snowman's skeleton is the oddest thing you'll read all …

Yesterday, inventor Ignacio Marc Asperas of Melville, NY was granted the US patent for an "apparatus for facilitating the construction of a snow man/woman," a.k.a. a snowman-shaped shell with which to cover with snow. That's a bizarre idea, but what truly makes this patent required reading is its totally non-technical… » 9/07/11 11:30am 9/07/11 11:30am