13 Unlucky Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions

While some inventors enjoy fame and fortune thanks to their inventions, for a handful of inventors, their devices proved their own worst enemies. Here are 13 unlucky (and in some cases, foolhardy) inventors who perished thanks to their own creations. » 5/25/13 3:00pm 5/25/13 3:00pm

Does Steampunk Smell Better Than Other Subcultures?

Steampunk: A cultural dead-end reflecting the aesthetics of a long-gone time, courtesy of some SF and fantasy writers for whom a reformation of the past was more interesting than the future? Or shining (and well-bred) example for the future of humanity? Posters at the (steampunk-obsessed) Whitechapel message board are… » 4/10/08 8:20am 4/10/08 8:20am