7 Lesser-Known Victorian Inventors Who Were Just As Fascinating As Tesla

When we see science fiction stories set during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, the inventor Nikola Tesla tends to show up an awful lot. But the Victorian era and the early 20th century are filled with inventors who led fascinating lives, lives that just don’t tend to turn up in fiction. » 4/30/15 10:00am 4/30/15 10:00am

Does Steampunk Smell Better Than Other Subcultures?

Steampunk: A cultural dead-end reflecting the aesthetics of a long-gone time, courtesy of some SF and fantasy writers for whom a reformation of the past was more interesting than the future? Or shining (and well-bred) example for the future of humanity? Posters at the (steampunk-obsessed) Whitechapel message board are… » 4/10/08 8:20am 4/10/08 8:20am