Wednesday's comics bring us new Walking Dead, a naughty Loki, and more!

It's the dog days of summer for the io9 gang, so yours truly is about to go sit under a stately oak and kick back with a stack of Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot and a Poland Spring bottle full of Prairie Fire. But before I decree that "relative humidity" is my spirit animal, here's your weekly comic preview. » 8/16/11 9:00am 8/16/11 9:00am

Image Comics Zings Marvel With Fake Avengers Ads

To promote the upcoming Invincible spin-off Guardians of the Globe, Image Comics has released promos lampooning Marvel's recent Avengers ads. But are Image's ads a light-hearted parody or a piss-take on Marvel's über-marketable Avengers teams? » 3/18/10 12:02pm 3/18/10 12:02pm

Why Motion Isn't The Future Of Comics

Whether you call them "motion comics," "cinematic comics" or even "cutting edge content for the new digital format," there's no getting away from the fact that comic companies are all trying to entice new fans by bringing their stories online. With Marvel Comics' new Stephen King's N » 8/02/08 2:00pm 8/02/08 2:00pm joining DC's and Image's series…

MTV's New Cartoon Brings You Cutting Edge Of 1960s Animation

If you believe MTV, then the future of animation may have arrived in the shape of their new adaptation of Robert Kirkman's superhero soap opera Invincible, coming to televisions, cell phones and iPods near you soon. Thing is, we can't help but feel that we've seen it all before. » 7/15/08 3:08pm 7/15/08 3:08pm

This Week's Comics Spoil Indy, Moviegoers

Look, let's be honest — you don't care about this week's comics. Sure, you might want to, you may even go to your local store and pick a few up, leaf through them. But your mind will be elsewhere: at that multiplex waiting for Doctor Henry Walton Jones Jr. and his son, who likes to hang out with Transformers. But… » 5/20/08 9:00am 5/20/08 9:00am

Must Read: Invincible

Must-read comics are futuristic classics that shouldn't be missed. Of course, not every must-read is perfect. That's why we've rated them 1-5 on the patented "crunchy goodness" scale.

Title: Invincible

Date: 2007 - (reprinting material from 2002 - )

Vitals: Bringing together tropes from all manner of comics, Mark… » 10/24/07 12:31pm 10/24/07 12:31pm