Minimalist superhero posters bisect Batgirl and Spider-Man into their…

Designer Danny Haas has created a series of weathered posters that split famed superheroes' personalities straight down the middle. For characters such as Jean Grey and Susan Richards, the divide is less obvious but no less charming. Here's hoping he makes a Multiple Man diagram that's shaped like a pie chart. You can… » 2/03/12 2:45pm 2/03/12 2:45pm

And now, for no reason whatsoever, superheroes as fetuses

I'm not sure what compulsion drives some artists to reimagine pop culture stalwarts as horrifying babies, but Alexandre Nicolas' prenatal versions of the comic book pantheon are on display at the HEY! exhibit in Paris. You can see more photos at his website. » 9/17/11 3:45pm 9/17/11 3:45pm