The io9 Calendar: Everything Brilliant That's Happening in December!

December is bursting with science fiction and fantasy greatness. George R.R. Martin has a new novella set in Westeros. The Hobbit saga continues. Doctor Who's Eleventh Doctor departs. And there are loads of conventions and readings. Here's our complete guide to December's science fiction and fantasy. »12/02/13 2:28pm12/02/13 2:28pm


The Essential Guide to September's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy

Fall is here, and science fiction and fantasy are taking you where you've never gone before! There are tons of new TV shows, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Plus some great movies, including the return of Riddick. Plus Stephen King's sequel to The Shining! Here's everything you can't miss in September. »8/30/13 12:08pm8/30/13 12:08pm

The io9 Calendar: Your Ultimate Guide to August's Science Fiction!

Time for another heady glimpse into your future. There's almost too much amazing science fiction and fantasy for anyone to handle in August, which is why we've compiled this indispensible calendar. There are tons of conventions, mind-bending books, television shows... plus Elysium and Kick-Ass 2. It's the io9 calendar! »8/03/13 1:00pm8/03/13 1:00pm

The Complete Guide to July's Must-See Science Fiction and Fantasy!

What does July have in store? Insane new movies, including Pacific Rim, Wolverine and R.I.P.D. Tons of TV shows. Books by Jay Lake, Connie Willis, David Weber, Charlie Huston, Catherynne M. Valente and Charles Stross. Oh, and an insane number of conventions. Here's our ultimate guide to July's science fiction and… »7/01/13 2:50pm7/01/13 2:50pm

The io9 Calendar: Your Ultimate Guide to Everything Science Fiction and Fantasy in April!

There's so much astonishing science fiction and fantasy coming your way this month, we can barely list it all. Including the new Evil Dead, Oblivion and tons of other movies. There are brand new books by Neil Gaiman, Paul Cornell, C.J. Cherryh and Robin Hobb. Plus Warehouse 13 and Defiance! Here's your ultimate guide… »4/01/13 7:30pm4/01/13 7:30pm

The io9 Calendar: Your Guide to Everything That's Astounding in March!

In March, you can live the science fiction life pretty much every day. There are a ton of new books, and multiple cons every weekend. Get ready for a new novel from Nalo Hopkinson, alien/human hybrid consciousness in the Saoirse Ronan movie The Host, plus the premiere of BBC America series Orphan Black. And there's… »3/04/13 4:44pm3/04/13 4:44pm

The io9 Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy in January

January is bursting with pop-culture greatness. There are new books by Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis — plus the final book of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series! Some long-awaited movies finally come to theaters, including John Dies at the End. And Canada's mind-boggling new time travel show Continuum hits U.S.… »1/02/13 10:00am1/02/13 10:00am

The Ultimate Guide to October's Science Fiction and Fantasy!

October is set to overwhelm you with science fictional greatness. Walking Dead and American Horror Story are back! There's a brand new Culture novel by Iain M. Banks, and the start of a new series by Jacqueline Carey. Plus Larry Niven and Gregory Benford, together at last! Movies include Cloud Atlas and Paranormal… »10/01/12 2:00pm10/01/12 2:00pm

The io9 Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy in September!

This September is packed with science fiction and fantasy thrills. New movies include Looper and Dredd. There are new books by John Varley, Tad Williams, Seanan McGuire, Terry Pratchett — and a collaboration between Stross and Doctorow! And television brings several brand new TV shows, including Revolution and 666… »8/31/12 4:00pm8/31/12 4:00pm

The io9 Survival Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy in August!

August's science fiction and fantasy is full of wonders and revelations. There are no fewer than 10 new genre movies coming out this month — including the acclaimed Robot and Frank! There's a new Ringworld novel co-written by Larry Niven, plus new books by Neal Stephenson and Sherwood Smith. There are a ton of… »8/02/12 6:17pm8/02/12 6:17pm

The io9 Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy in July! [Now With Correct Calendar Image!]

Take shelter! July is exploding with science fiction and fantasy action — including The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man and Robot and Frank! Plus Charles Stross' new Laundry novel, and new David Weber and Harry Turtledove books. Warehouse 13 returns! And there are more conventions than you can shake a shwag… »7/02/12 10:00am7/02/12 10:00am

The Ultimate Survival Guide to May's Science Fiction and Fantasy!

May 2012 is not for the faint of heart of the unwary. This month is packed with science fiction and fantasy goodness, that will shake your very soul to its foundations. Including the long-awaited release of The Avengers! New Star Trek books! New Kim Stanley Robinson and China Mieville! Free Comic Book Day! And tons… »5/01/12 2:25pm5/01/12 2:25pm