Come watch two hours of Matt Smith's Doctor Who with us on Saturday!

We're having yet another of our monthly Doctor Who-watching parties this Saturday at 4 PM — and this time around, we're watching two Matt Smith Christmas specials: "A Christmas Carol" and "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe." It's at the Variety Screening Room in downtown San Francisco from 4 to 7:30, and there… »12/27/12 8:04pm12/27/12 8:04pm

Location Changed! Come hear io9's Charlie Jane Anders read in NYC with Brian Slattery

If you're in New York tomorrow evening, you should stop by the Soho Gallery for the Digital Arts around 6:30, when Charlie Jane Anders will be reading from her novelette "Six Months, Three Days" with Lost Everything author Brian Francis Slattery. This is part of the long-running and illustrious New York Review of… »5/21/12 9:40am5/21/12 9:40am