All The Best Shows That Were Cancelled Despite Being Awesome

It's the very last episode of the io9 show, We Come from the Future. Yep, we got cancelled. So we're celebrating by setting off our biggest explosion yet — and talking about all the best shows that got cancelled despite being awesome. Well, I still think it's debatable whether Dollhouse was awesome. But anyway. » 11/16/12 10:27am 11/16/12 10:27am

Harry Potter, Sherlock, and The Greatest Scandals in Fandom

This week on We Come From the Future, we talk about what happens when scandal rips through the heart of fandom. Along with our special guests, Daily Dot fandom reporter Aja Romano, and Circlet Press publisher Cecilia Tan, we delve into all the wank that makes fans on the internet lose their shit. From Sherlock… » 10/26/12 10:43am 10/26/12 10:43am

5 Tricks to Convince People Your Fake Horror Story Really Happened

What are the five secrets to making a great "true" horror story? We reveal them all to you . . . and then something terrifying happens! Will Esther survive? Will the studio where we shoot this show ever be the same? Is it dangerous to get glowing green goo on your hands? Find out . . . in this completely real… » 10/19/12 10:59am 10/19/12 10:59am

The Guiltiest Pleasures, from Big Bang Theory to Twilight

On this episode of the io9 show, Esther and I confess our guilty pleasures — the things we are completely embarrassed to admit that we love. Like bad vampire stories and even worse sitcoms.* Plus, Esther shows you a scientific guilty pleasure: making soap explode in the microwave. Finally, we respond to a viewer's… » 10/15/12 9:34am 10/15/12 9:34am

Fall TV Smackdown: Our Verdict on All the New Shows

This week on the io9 show, we look at the fall's television offerings. Will Arrow be the show you're going to love, or love to make fun of? Why isn't the beast more beastly in Beauty and the Beast? And has Revolution failed to turn your crank? Plus, Esther teaches us a fun, easy experiment that you can do during… » 10/05/12 10:30am 10/05/12 10:30am

Is Bill and Ted the most realistic time travel movie of all time?

What are the dumbest tropes in time travel fiction? This week on the io9 show, we recount the temporal storylines that drive us nuts. And then we catch up with Caltech physicist Sean Carroll, who explains how time travel could happen in real life — and why Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure might be the most… » 9/28/12 10:30am 9/28/12 10:30am

William Gibson: the Complete io9 Interview

What is the novel for? How do we deal with living in such a futuristic time, without getting future shock? Do novelists have a duty to provide optimism about science and the future? We sat down with William Gibson, for a half-hour discussion about writing and the role of science fiction in society. And here's what he… » 9/27/12 2:38pm 9/27/12 2:38pm

The Science Fiction Romances that Make Felicia Day Go Ewww.

Love: the final frontier. Science fiction is full of great love stories... but it's also full of terrible love and sex disasters that gross us out and just annoy us. This week on the io9 show, we talk about our least favorite science fiction romances — plus all the weirdest and most inappropriate romantic tropes.… » 9/21/12 10:40am 9/21/12 10:40am

William Gibson tells us all about his next novel, and the Neuromancer movie! [Updated]

This week on the io9 show, we speak to William Gibson, who tells us that the best way to write about the present is to write about the future — or the recent past. Gibson explains why he had to write three books about the present, before he could go back and create a super-weird future. He also tells us all about… » 9/14/12 10:58am 9/14/12 10:58am

Whip up futuristic cocktails using dry ice and fireballs

This week on the io9 show, we explore the science of cocktails. Oh, who am I kidding? Basically, we get drunk and play with dry ice and fireballs — thanks to our special guest, 2012's bartender of the year, Russell Davis. He shows us how to make a Douglas Adams-inspired drink called "the big red button," and then… » 8/31/12 11:00am 8/31/12 11:00am

Why Giant Birds Would Be Scarier Than Feathered Dinosaurs

Last week on the io9 show, I expressed my strong belief that dinosaurs just don't look as terrifying or impressive with feathers. And some of you made good points in your replies — but come on. Some of these images of dinosaurs with feathers make the dinos look like giant woodpeckers — which are among the few… » 8/28/12 3:48pm 8/28/12 3:48pm

Can dinosaurs still be badass with feathers?

This week on the io9 show, we debate whether you can still be scared of dinosaurs now that we believe they were covered with proto-feathers or "dino-fuzz." And we talk about all the other ways that science has shattered our science fiction dreams, including telling us that ray guns and blasters could never work.… » 8/24/12 11:01am 8/24/12 11:01am

The most scientifically inaccurate Mars movies ever

This week on the io9 show, we ask why it is that NASA can put a robot on Mars, but Hollywood can't make any realistic movies about the red planet. We examine the worst Mars movies ever, and special guest Phil Plait (the good astronomer behind the Bad Astronomy blog) helps us figure out how realistic they are.… » 8/10/12 12:27pm 8/10/12 12:27pm

Proof That Futurama Is the Smartest Show on Television

Good news, everyone! It's the Futurama appreciation episode. We pay tribute to our favorite moments in the series, and talk about other scifi comedy TV shows you can watch when you've watched every Futurama episode twelve times. Bay Area Science Festival director Kishore Hari helps us (and several volunteers) act… » 8/03/12 11:23am 8/03/12 11:23am

Explore the World's Great Lost Cities!

This week on the io9 show, we explore the Lost City of Z in Brazil, and the ancient city of Catalhoyuk in Turkey! Genetic engineer and How to Defeat Your Own Clone author Terry Johnson shows us how fluids like corn syrup have memory thanks to laminar flow! And finally, help us find a mysterious 1980s novel about a… » 7/27/12 10:30am 7/27/12 10:30am