Now you can have the latest photos of Mars sent directly to your phone

NASA's Opportunity rover has been sending images of Mars back to Earth since 2004. Now, computer scientist Mark Powell, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has developed a free app for iPhone and Android that wires these photos directly to your phone. » 1/12/12 1:36pm 1/12/12 1:36pm

A conversation between Siri and a Furby is like listening to HAL 9000…

From the same school of AI versus AI rib-tickling that brought you existentially ornery Cleverbots: some rousing logorrhea between a new-school smart phone and an old-school creepy fad. Next up, a TomTom tending to a Tamagotchi. » 11/05/11 2:35pm 11/05/11 2:35pm

iPhone App Makes Comic Con (Slightly) More Manageable

If you can't keep the Comic Con schedule straight — or just need a map of the Exhibitors' Hall — just install the Official Comic Con App on your Touch or iPhone. It keeps you up to date on convention news, maps out the entire layout of the convention, and even lets you keep track of which programs and booths you want… » 7/22/09 12:00pm 7/22/09 12:00pm

iPhone Apps from Science Fiction

Inspired by the fantasies of SF writers, we've made a shortlist of applications that developers need to build for the iPhone right now — and all of them will make your phone more powerful than a light saber. In fact, the whole iPhone-light saber conversion process » 10/06/08 4:20pm 10/06/08 4:20pm is completely retro. In the brave new iPhone future,…