Could You Charge an iPhone with the Electricity in Your Brain?

Ever since Morpheus explained how the machines use humans as batteries in The Matrix, we’ve been fascinated by the idea. But can the human body actually generate enough current to do anything useful? We decided to find out, by asking experts how long it would take a human brain to charge an iPhone. » 8/12/15 9:22am 8/12/15 9:22am

The life and death of an iPhone from an iPhone's perspective

Imagine all the things that our phones get to see. I mean, they’re pretty much with us every step of the way. It can be a camera for concerts, a music player for parties, a distraction on dates, the only light source for the lonely nights at home, and everything in between. To see things from our phone’s perspective… » 7/13/15 12:55pm 7/13/15 12:55pm

iPhone App Makes Comic Con (Slightly) More Manageable

If you can't keep the Comic Con schedule straight — or just need a map of the Exhibitors' Hall — just install the Official Comic Con App on your Touch or iPhone. It keeps you up to date on convention news, maps out the entire layout of the convention, and even lets you keep track of which programs and booths you want… » 7/22/09 12:00pm 7/22/09 12:00pm