These Are The 100 Most Interesting Geologic Spots In The British Isles

The United Kingdom and Ireland pack so many geologically fascinating locations in a small area, it's hard to pick which ones are the most gorgeous, the most scientifically important, or even the most downright useful. Lucky for us, the Geological Society curated a list of the Top 100 Geosites. »10/14/14 12:58am10/14/14 12:58am

The physics of Guinness are as fascinating as they are delicious (and they're very delicious)

I am likely io9's worst science writer [Note: I am definitely io9's worst science writer] but I hope you don't begrudge me posting this fantastic scientific examination of Ireland's greatest export and contribution to civilization, Guinness. The super-hearty dry stout has an appearance, taste and texture unique… »12/05/12 2:40pm12/05/12 2:40pm

Meet the kappa leprechaun, a tiny monster at the nexus of Japanese and Irish folklore

Artist and io9 comrade-in-hanging-out Marcelo Gallegos has tipped us to his delightful yokai mash-up creation, the Kappa Leprechaun. This little guy is the hybrid of A.) those diminutive bastards who bedeviled Darby O'Gill; and B.) flatulent Japanese water sprites. Explains Marcelo of this wee creature: »3/09/12 9:35pm3/09/12 9:35pm