In This Short Film, The Robot Uprising Starts With Our Military Drones

In the future, the US government has removed human oversight from its drone missions, leaving unmanned military operations and surveillance to an AI. But the folks behind the project regret that decision when the AI starts targeting humanity at large. » 11/13/14 1:08pm 11/13/14 1:08pm

NASA Observes A Solar Explosion In Unprecedented Detail

NASA's sun-observing IRIS spacecraft has gotten its first close-up look at a colossal coronal mass ejection erupting from the sun, and boy howdy is it beautiful. » 5/31/14 5:00pm 5/31/14 5:00pm

NASA's IRIS Spots its Biggest Solar Flare Yet

Late last month, NASA's Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (aka IRIS) witnessed the strongest solar flare it's glimpsed since its launch last year. » 2/23/14 11:00am 2/23/14 11:00am

New views of Sun's atmosphere reveal structures unknown to science

Launched late last month, NASA's Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) is designed to observe little-explored lower layers of the Sun's multi-level atmosphere in unprecedented detail – and its first images are already turning up surprises. » 7/28/13 8:23am 7/28/13 8:23am

Did you know your eye has a sphincter?

It's true! In fact, you have more than fifty sphincters in your entire body, and most of them have nothing to do with controlling your bowel movements. » 1/30/12 12:55pm 1/30/12 12:55pm