Iron Sky director's new comic movie stars a surly intergalactic bounty hunter (who isn't Lobo)

If you're getting tired of waiting for the long-rumored movie about DC's cigar-smoking, anti-heroic outer space bounty hunter Lobo, this might be good news - at least if you aren't too picky about which cigar-smoking, anti-heroic outer space bounty hunter comes to the big screen. The director of Moon-Nazis-Attack… »11/22/12 12:00pm11/22/12 12:00pm

New Iron Sky clip shows what happens when you crash land on a Nazi moon base

What if the Nazis had a secret Moon base hiding from the rest of the planet since 1945? And quietly the space Nazi hold outs had been waiting until 2018 to strike the unsuspecting planet. This is the insane plot line for the ridiculous comedy Iron Sky. Get a sneak peek at a Nazi moon base in our exclusive clip from… »8/01/12 6:30pm8/01/12 6:30pm

Your Chance to See the "Nazis in Space" Movie Iron Sky at Your Local Theater

We've been hearing about Iron Sky, the movie about a secret Nazi Moonbase, for years — but when will it come to your local theater? That's up to you. A new website called Tugg is offering fans a chance to book screenings of Iron Sky and tons of other movies at their local theaters — as long as enough people want to… »7/25/12 6:40pm7/25/12 6:40pm

Watch the first four minutes of the Nazis-on-the-Moon flick Iron Sky

You saw the trailer — now check out the opening sequence of the Lunar Reich action comedy Iron Sky. This is definitely the first indie flick ever to feature Nazi astronauts with rocket launchers and their giant swastika-shaped Moon base. Iron Sky opens April 4 in Finland, April 5 in Germany, and other countries soon… »3/16/12 9:00am3/16/12 9:00am

Full Iron Sky trailer pits Sarah Palin against Nazis from the Moon

We saw a glimpse of this indie flick several weeks back — now revel in the full trailer for the lunar Reich picture Iron Sky. As much as I'm loving the spaceship designs, I'm hoping the hamfisted political humor plays second fiddle to the insane orbital Nazi-smashing. Iron Sky opens April 4 in Finland, April 5 in… »2/08/12 2:30pm2/08/12 2:30pm

Watch the latest trailer for the "Nazis on the Moon" flick Iron Sky

It's been a while in the making, but the space Nazi extravaganza Iron Sky is finally coming to movie houses. This indie film — which is about a secret Third Reich lunar base on the Moon's dark side — will make its debut at the 2012 Berlin International Film Festival. Remember, computers don't fit in your pocket! »1/25/12 2:05pm1/25/12 2:05pm

Major Fringe season 3 scoop! Plus find out when Men In Black III takes place, and who might be Spidey's villain!

Fringe's alt-universe drama will get even weirder. Men In Black III has a surprising twist, and the Spider-Man prequel may have an unexpected villain. Plus Futurama, Doctor Who, Iron Sky, Jonah Hex, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Toy Story, Twilight and Warehouse 13! »6/14/10 9:00am6/14/10 9:00am

Watch The Nazis Build Spaceships In New "Iron Sky" Teaser

I am trembling with the awesomeness. There's a new trailer for Iron Sky, the alt.history flick about a secret Nazi base on the Moon. And it looks utterly incredible.

Iron Sky
is being created right now by Finnish company Energia, funded entirely by crowdsourcing (which is why the filmmakers ask for money at the end… »5/13/10 3:42pm5/13/10 3:42pm