What do you do with the soil from your canal project? Why not build a futuristic island?

Turkey has long considered the construction of a new canal, one that would connect the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea and provide a safer route for tanker ships that currently navigate the Bosporus straits. But what do you do with the billion cubic meters of soil that you've dug out? Architect Dror Benshetrit has a… »10/07/12 4:00pm10/07/12 4:00pm

The tiny island of Sark is a window back to the Middle Ages - and that's good for science

Sark is a tiny, car-free island in the English Channel that didn't fully get rid of feudalism until 2008. Its nights are so reliably dark that it's just been named the world's first "dark sky island", making the island one giant observatory for looking up at the night sky without any light pollution to get in the way. »2/03/11 4:00pm2/03/11 4:00pm