Meet "No. 1," the giant isopod that went on a five-year hunger strike

Isopods – the segmented, ancient-looking order of crustaceans to which pill bugs belong – are popular in Japan; and so it was with much fanfare that, in 2007, the country's Toba Aquarium welcomed a giant, foot-long isopod to its ranks. But one day in 2009, the isopod, for reasons unknown, decided to stage one of the… »2/22/14 4:00pm2/22/14 4:00pm

The Bay Is A Grotesque, Giant Tongue-Eating Parasite Tease

Barry Levinson's found footage horror movie The Bay uses every single camera we can think of to deliver the chills. From phone cameras to security cameras to underwater cameras, all of the various shaky shots come together to teach us that if we don't take care of this planet, mutant parasites will strip our bodies… »10/02/12 12:30pm10/02/12 12:30pm

Watch the first disgusting trailer for The Bay, the movie based on real-life tongue-eating parasites

Check out the first trailer for Barry Levinson's found-footage horror movie The Bay. In which bugs take over a sleepy little beach town by eating the residents organs, tongues and eventually taking control of their brains. Mind-controlling parasites demand that you open the sugar jar! »9/05/12 1:19pm9/05/12 1:19pm

Fishing linked to higher percentage of tongue-eating, blood-drinking mouth leeches from Hell

Isopods are crustaceans (like lobsters). Some isopods are parasitic (like the one staring back at you in the picture up top). If you're having trouble making out what, exactly, this isopod has parasitized, the answer is: a fish. This little monster wriggled its way in through the gills of its host, implanted itself… »3/02/12 8:00pm3/02/12 8:00pm