Astronauts Take 7-Hour Spacewalk To Prepare ISS For Space Taxis

What's worse than fiddling with cables? Trying to do it in vacuum, wearing gloves, with the sun setting every hour. Astronauts Butch Wilmore and Tery Virts spent nearly seven hours to run just over 100 meters of cable reconfiguring the space station for the commercial crew program. » 2/21/15 5:58pm 2/21/15 5:58pm

A Cargo Tug Breakup Is A Perfect Antidote To Excessive Sentimentality

Need an antidote to the saccharine nature of today? We have a breakup dramatic enough to be visible across Europe to sooth your curmudgeonly soul. The very last of the European Space Agency's ATV cargo space tugs in on course for a fiery breakup perfect for the most dramatic of Valentine's Day traditions. » 2/14/15 6:35pm 2/14/15 6:35pm

Shaking Off Scrubbed Launch, SpaceX Celebrates A Dragon Splashdown

Despite yet another delay in the launch of their first-ever deep space mission, SpaceX still had reason to celebrate today. After a month attached to the International Space Station, the SpaceX Dragon capsule returned to Earth, splashing down with a load of scientific supplies. » 2/11/15 12:01am 2/11/15 12:01am

Obama Dreams of Space, But Where's the Money for a Mars Expedition?

During the State of the Union address, President Obama said stirring things about human spaceflight and the future. But these are the same dreams we've been talking about for years, and without more funding for NASA these dreams will fizzle instead of coming true. » 1/20/15 11:45pm 1/20/15 11:45pm

ISS Crew Evacuated To Russian Side After Ammonia Leak Alarm [UPDATED]

The ISS crew was evacuated over to the Russian side of the space station after an alarm indicated an ammonia leak began to sound this morning. But there's likely no leak, says NASA, and the issue may be simply a faulty sensor. All crew members are safe, though remaining on the Russian side for now. [UPDATE: The… » 1/14/15 7:20am 1/14/15 7:20am

Finding The Tallest Mountain On Earth Is Strangely Elusive

It seems like a 8,848-meter mountain would be easy to spot, but it's oddly challenging to find Mount Everest from a few hundred kilometers higher in elevation. The famous mountain is visible in each of these photos from the International Space Station, but can you find it? » 12/30/14 1:00am 12/30/14 1:00am