Join a Mass Experiment in Futurist Speculation with the Game "Superstruct"

The year is 2019, and a report has just come out proving that the Earth's population is likely to suffer catastrophic collapse by the 2040s. Energy costs are rising, a new pandemic called ReDS is devastating the globe, homelessness has reached epic proportions, and the internet has become a miasma of spam that… »10/16/08 12:00pm10/16/08 12:00pm

Searches for "End of the World" Are Skyrocketing on the Internets

Smartypants futurist Jamais Cascio has noticed something especially eschatological in the search logs for his blog, Open the Future. A few months ago, "end of the world" suddnely become the most popular search term leading people to his writing. Just to illustrate the weirdness, he's created a graph showing how the… »12/28/07 10:00am12/28/07 10:00am

Disabled People Driving the Next 10 Years of Computer Innovation

Quadriplegic sailor Hilary Lister can control her boat using a computer activated by the "sip and puff" interface she has in her mouth. With this rig, she crossed the English channel on her own. Futurist Jamais Cascio, who consults with companies like Mozilla on 10-year innovation plans, told io9 that computers like… »11/21/07 12:30pm11/21/07 12:30pm